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Should you Use Different Cleaning Products for Different Types of Flooring?

Believe it or not, no two types of flooring are the same. Ensuring you’re using the right products on the right materials is essential to long-lasting floors, saving you the costs of repair and replacement further down the line.


Cleaning Different Types of Flooring

From sleek marble to fluffy carpets, we’re on hand to help with the upkeep and maintenance of your floor.



To minimise the grime that can get trapped in the fibres of your carpet, ensure you’re vacuuming regularly; the suction will lift most of the dirt from the fibres. It’s also advisable that you carry out a deep clean on your carpets at least once a year. For tough carpet stains, try Prochem Clensan. Especially formulated for cleaning carpets and fabrics, this will also protect against bacteria and unpleasant odours, such as damp, mould and food spoilage.


Vinyl Floors

Moisture is the number one weakness of vinyl floors. Any spills and puddles should be removed immediately with a smooth, non-abrasive wipe (perhaps try a microfibre towel). This will avoid damaging the lamination and adhesive of the vinyl. For a deep clean, use a  mild floor cleaner that’s suitable for vinyl surfaces. British Nova Restorer Maintainer is ideal for cleaning vinyl and melamine laminates, providing a streak-free finish to most hard surfaces. Never wash a vinyl floor.


Ceramic Tiles

To keep your tiles clean and shiny, take a wet mop and some mild floor cleaner to them. Dirt can collect in the grout of your tiles, often, this can’t be resolved by mopping alone. Instead, use an old toothbrush and mild floor cleaner to gently brush the dirt away.


Concrete Floors

To prevent moisture and dirty debris from seeping into a porous concrete floor, use a commercial sealer to lock out the damaging impact of water and muck. Once a good clean is in order, be sure to remove all dust from the floor to guarantee a completely clean surface. Regularly scrub with a normal floor cleaner and use a wax to help maintain shine.


Marble Floors

To close off the micro-pores that are present in natural stone materials, use a marble sealer. If left unsealed, the marble will quickly become vulnerable to moisture and grime. Using a soft mop, wash your floor slowly and carefully with Selden Stonebrite, an effective neutral cleaner. Dust the floor regularly and give it a damp mop once a week.


Lino Floors

Cleaning a lino floor is fairly simple. Regular dusting or vacuuming, followed by a clean with a damp mop can do the trick. To remove heel marks and general skids, use a wax which is specifically for linoleum floors. You can polish it up with a damp cloth for a light sheen. For an ultimate glossy finish, try Novacare, a mopping fluid with a protective residue.


Wood Floors

Unless the wood has been treated with polyurethane, never clean the floor with water. It can dull the finish and lead to irreversible damage. Keep the floor dry and wipe up spillages promptly. Regularly dust with a soft mop and use the correct polishes. Only use wood-specific floor cleaner to deep clean. For the ultimate sheen, leave it to soak.


Terrazzo Floors

Ensure your terrazzo floor is protected with the appropriate sealant, this will help maintain condition of the surface, no matter how much foot traffic it gets. Simply clean with water or neutral floor cleaners, such as Selden Stonebrite, to keep it in great condition.


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